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Westpac Motivate

Motivate engages Westpac employees to set and track career goals with their people leaders.

Preview of the Finzsoft responsive website

Westpac Motivate

Development • Design

Westpac, the leading Australian banking provider, tasked Sush Mobile to design and develop their NZ employee performance platform.

Backing employees to do their best

The Motivate web platform provide employees and team leaders with a secure space to discuss career goals and talk about how employees are performing against targets.

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Creating goals

Creating and tracking performance, career and development goals is a simply process with Motivate, making the employee review an easy task for both employees and people leaders.

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My conversations

Motivate encourages employees and people leaders to have regular check ins as well as formal quarterly reviews to assess development progress and evaluate performance.

Reporting dashboard

Real time reporting helps people leaders to manage their direct reports, team goals as well as view statistics on each employee’s goals, conversations, and feedback.

Screenshots of the 'Solutions' page of the Finzsoft responsive website
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Reporting Stats

Track team goals and conversations on the reporting dashboard.

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Set Goals

Create, track and accomplish your career goals.

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Dynamic Conversations

Instantly message and maintain discussion history.

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Performance Reviews

Conduct formal quarterly employee appraisals.